– Who/Why –

I am a 38 year old guy who just likes Star Trek, since The Next Generation aired for the first time in the German television. Since then, I’ve watched all the series with every episode, but never spent money on any Star Trek releated stuff (except cinema movies). I was sort of a pure “episodes-Trekkie”.

Since October 2013 I play the free to play game Star Trek Online and it was the first time I was able to fly starships, beam and fire phasers on adaptive Borg. There, too, I haven’t invested any money.
Although there was an exception: In 1995, I played on the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the first 8-bit console from Nintento) the game Star Trek: Starfleet Academy – Starship Bridge Simulator. As I recall, I lent it from the video store for about two weeks.

Then I saw Eaglemoss’ television advertising for the official Star Trek Starship Collection in January 2015. I thought about this for four weeks (after all, all ships would cost me over 1500 Euro) and finally started the first collection of my life.


– Showcase –

After the arrival of the first three ships I built within 4 weeks in my spare time a unique showcase with LED background lighting of fine dark wood (and a far more expensive transparent plexiglass prototype with the same dimensions, which then ended up in the waste…) with 3.50 metres in length and 2 floors, for the at the official German website announced 70 ships + 4 shuttles + 1701-D of the future + 10 specials.

In June 2015, I found out by accident, that the collection in England ran already for two years. Google directed me to code and I looked at 73 already published and advertised ships. INCREDIBLE!!! But I believe my showcase is not large enough to hold the currently announced 110 ships. Maybe 80 or 85. Probably I have to put the remaining on top. I wanted to avoid this because of the dust.

Anyway … I missed a ship painful: My beloved Scimitar from the Nemesis movie or Star Trek Online. Although the film was… um… not the best… the ship is simply amazing! John Eaves has made a very good job with it. But there are more ships that I miss in the collection.

At I read about Ben Robinson, the Eaglemoss collection manager. He produces all the little ship models. Starting with fully rendered (sometimes new produced) 3D models, he splits a model in pluggable parts and sends it to the factories in China. They produce the single parts, build/glue them together and paint them, before they are sent back later as a test pattern to England. If everything is correct, they go into mass production.

With these amazing background information I created at the same day a Twitter account, to make Ben proposals for possible magazines. Hoping to get my Scimitar or other important and interesting ships later as models in the collection. I actually believed at the time that he possibly wouldn’t know some ships… and/or he would produce on my suggestions one or more vessels, which would then exclusively exist because of me in the collection…

But that was also intended fundamentally too naive. Because he obviously does not care, what I propose, or I and any other fans want. He doesn’t care for the hardcore fans, for forums/websites or otherwise any other given wishes. He apparently simply selects with any gut feeling or by other defaults the ships, which he believes, they would sell well. Whatever.

Because until present day are my suggestions for the Scimitar, the Ferengi Na’Far Shuttle, the Kazon carrier, the Type 11 Shuttle and Earth Space Dock (ESD) the most-clicked, most-elected in the polls or by Google searched pictures in my blog and at Twitter. Eaglemoss could therefore obviously with these two ships, the two shuttles and ESD raise its sales figures strongly upwards. But I have almost given up hope, ever to get the Scimitar or ESD within Eaglemoss’ collection.

Why do I mention the Earth Space Dock? Well, we have DS9 in the collection, which is definitely not a spaceship. Hence my proposals include several space stations.


– The Beginning –

Suggestion issue #1 with the Scimitar was released on 21st of June 2015.

Since then I have published almost every day a new proposal.


– Website Launch –

But Twitter scales images with a certain size. In addition, I wanted to create a poll. So I opened on 21st August 2015, these WordPress site here, which could contain the big pictures as originals and give me the opportunity to create a survey of possible ships. Because how Mr. Robinson is supposed to know what we, the buyers and fans, would most want as magazines? He needs evidence. Figures! Vote here your desired ships!

But the more interviews, early publication lists and tweets I read, the more I came to conclusion that all other planned ships are already set in stone from issue #73 to #90 (currently 110).

My proposal are therefore no longer proposals for Mr. Robinson (he has probably already all existing vessels as data sheets), but to show all Star Trek fans out there, how their beloved ships (only canon and some of the novels) would look as a possible magazine issues and/or as models!


– 327 unique suggestions in addition to official issues! –

The suggestion issues #1-#51 constitute my personal wish list. Everything after issue #51 are your suggestions, wishes or just ships, which I remembered or I encountered during my researches. I added, while the months passed, steadily further proposals. Finally I arrived at a total of 344 proposals with ships, shuttles, starbases or escape pods, we might have in addition to the already official published ships as models or magazines. 17 of my proposals had finally been confirmed and published in the course of time as a genuine spending.

Mr. Robinson wrote at the end of 2015, that he could imagine that fans could decide with a survey, which ships they would like to be published beyond issue #90. CHOOSE HERE the ships that you want to have!!!
Update: The fans were not able to choose for the official collection. Up to issue 110, the ships are already fixed and preselected by Mr. Robinson.


– Planet of the Titans Leak via Twitter –

In March 2016 I found out, as the only user worldwide, on the Twitter account of Fabio Passaro (he rebuilds lost Star Trek ships for Eaglemoss as 3D models for the collection) and it’s website, that he has apparently already reconstructed vessels, which had not been official announced at this time!

  • Planet of the Titans ship (B-24-CLN or Phase II)
  • Miranda-class variant (presumably the by Ben at Twitter mentioned U.S.S. Bozeman)
  • TOS ships (Ben mentioned that he would like to bring up all TOS-R ships in the collection)
  • Cheyenne-class (2nd BobW ship, U.S.S. Ahwahnee)
  • Sydney-class (U.S.S. Jenolan)
  • Excelsior variants (this or this early concept study)

I made immediately the screenshot shown above right as evidence and published it at Twitter. A few hours later, the entry on the website has been changed and the excerpts shown in the picture, was gone. My screenhots is thus the only evidence that these vessels have been rebuilt!


– Scimitar-Petition –

As the months passed, there was still no word on a possible Scimitar edition. Meanwhile we reached the announced ships at issue 83. Eight more vessels had been officially confirmed (without a issue number so far), so we were at 91/110. Thus, only 19 ships were left!

I saw my chance disappear for a Scimitar in the collection. Therefore, I decided to start an official petition with your help. It was published on June 10th, 2016.

But after only three days my petition was already superfluous.

Because Ben Robinson, who, after one posted public letter on Twitter in January 2016, ignores me and no longer responds to my tweets, eventually wrote a general Tweet, which confirmed that the Scimitar is apparently planned within the 110 and my petition was therefore useless. But I was happy anyway.


– Feedback –

You have any suggestions or comments for my Blog/Twitter? You wanna help me with English grammar? Just let me know! You can contact me any time at Twitter. I will answer all questions and respond to all messages.

In this blog I publish only expenditure of vessels, that have not yet been announced or released within the official collection. There is the possibility that ships which are already present in my galleries are sometime confirmed and released later as an official issue and real model. These issues are then marked in my gallery subsequently with a *CONFIRMED* flag and will be removed from the respective active poll and are moved to the Removed-category.


– Thank you –

I thank all the authors/sites/magazines/games, of which I found images and canon-related information for use. All of you does a great job to keep the Star Trek franchise alive, or to make what he is.
I hold your work in honor and therefore every individual receives the appreciation of his work in each image.



Each creator of an image is designated/honored by name or his website link in the lower left corner in each proposal image.


I do not own the graphics on this website (except my own photos or drawings/re-drawings). All trademarks and copyrights of the pictures are the property of their respective holders and are used under “fair use” guidelines.


Sorry for any bad english, it’s not my native language and I have low skills with english grammar.