Full Gallery

Here you can find all of my suggestions of magazines that we *could* have in the real Eaglemoss Collection. I created the gallery from mid-August 2015 to mid-July 2016.

At almost every day in the morning, a new image has been published while I updated the respective posting.

I have split the blog in “Seasons”. 50 images with proposals made it a season. Here you will find all 344 proposals from all seasons, summarized in a large gallery. The time used original english Season posts that developed with each passing day, are here: 1st Season, 2nd Season, 3rd Season, 4th Season, 5th Season, 6th Season and finally the 7th Season.

Season 7 ended at 16th of July 2016. I’m waiting for new ships from the 2017th series…

All proposed expenditures