Alphabetical Index

This is an alphabetical index for all my prosposals for Eaglemoss’ Star Trek Starships Collection. Sorted by series, race and name.




Choose a Star Trek series

– The Original Series –

Race Name Series / Movies Episodes Picture
Alien Cyrano Jones’ Spacematic TOS 2×13, DS9 5×06
Alien Eymorg Starship TOS 3×06
Alien Eymorg Starship HD TOS-R 3×06
Alien Horta TOS 1×26
Alien Lazarus’s Spaceship TOS 1×20
Alien Merchantman The Search for Spock, TNG 2×04
Alien Miradorn Raider The Search for Spock
Alien Nomad MK-15c (merged with Tan Ru) TOS/TOS-R 2×08
Alien Planet Killer TOS 2×06
Alien The Fesarius TOS 1×02
Alien V’Ger The Motion Picture
Alien Whale Probe The Voyage Home
Medusan Vessel TOS-R 3×07
Orion Scout Ship TOS 2×15
Starfleet Air Tram The Motion Picture, VOY 2×05
Starfleet Earth Space Dock TNG, VOY, The Search for Spock, The Voyage Home, The Final Frontier and The Undiscovered Country
Starfleet Federation Starbase 6 TOS-R 2×24
Starfleet Galileo 5 Shuttle The Undiscovered Country
Starfleet K7 TOS 2×13
Starfleet Orbital Office Complex The Motion Picture
Starfleet Ptolemy-class The Wrath of Khan, The Search for Spock
Starfleet Regula I The Wrath of Khan
Starfleet S.S. Aurora TOS 1×03, 1×15
Starfleet S.S. Aurora TOS-R 1×03/15
Starfleet S.S. Valiant TOS 1×01
Starfleet Saladin-class The Wrath of Khan, The Search for Spock
Starfleet Travel Pod The Voyage Home
Starfleet U.S.S. Enterprise, Phase II Concept The Search for Spock
Tholian Web Spinner Compilation TOS/TOS-R 3×09
Vulcan Warpsled Fuselage Pod The Motion Picture
Vulcan Warpsled Surak The Motion Picture

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– The Next Genereation –

Race Name Series / Movies Episodes Picture
Alien Argus Array TNG 4×19
Alien Batris TNG 1×20, DS9, VOY, ENT
Alien Crystalline Entity TNG 1×13
Alien D’Arsay Archive TNG 7×17
Alien Dyson Sphere TNG 6×04
Alien Echo Papa 607 TNG 1×21
Alien Exocomp TNG 6×09
Alien Gomtuu TNG 3×20
Alien Junior TNG 4×16
Alien Mining Shuttle Nenebek TNG 4×09
Alien Rasmussen’s Time-Pod TNG 5×09
Alien S.S. Lakul, Whorfin-class Generations
Alien Smuggler Ship TNG 5×07
Alien Soran’s Rocket Generations
Alien Star-Jelly TNG 1×01/02
Angosian Escape Pod TNG 3×11
Angosian Transport Ship TNG 3×11, 6×03
Ferengi Na’Far Shuttle TNG various
Husnock Warship TNG 3×03
Lysian Central Command TNG 1×08, 5×14
Lysian Sentry Pod TNG 5×14, 6×18, DS9 2×04
Malcorian Warp Ship TNG 4×15
Orion Wanderer-class TNG 1×03/05/13/25
Pakled Transport TNG 2×17
Promellian Battle Cruiser Cleponji TNG 3×06, DS9 2×10, 4×15/21
Reman Scimitar Nemesis
Reman Scorpion Nemesis
Ressikan Probe TNG 5×14
Romulan Scout/Science Ship TNG 3×10, 5×24
Son’a Battleship Insurrection
Son’a Collector Ship Insurrection
Son’a Command Ship Insurrection
Son’a Shuttle Insurrection
Starfleet 4-Nacelled Excelsior I TNG 3×26
Starfleet 4-Nacelled Excelsior II TNG 5×07
Starfleet Acrylic Ship TNG Season 4/5/6
Starfleet Alexander’s Remote Controlled Toy TNG 6×07
Starfleet Amargosa Observatory Generations, DS9 3×15
Starfleet Argo Shuttle Nemesis
Starfleet Argo Shuttle Buggy Nemesis
Starfleet B-24-CLN TNG 5×07
Starfleet Cousteau Insurrection
Starfleet DY-500 class TNG 2×16
Starfleet Federation Holoship Insurrection
Starfleet Federation Scout Ship Insurrection
Starfleet Federation Starbase TNG since 1×09
Starfleet Galaxy-class, Captain’s Yacht TNG 1701-D Bottom view, docked
Starfleet Lotus Flower-class TNG 1×25
Starfleet McKinley Station TNG 4×02, 5×01, 7×25/26, VOY 5×24
Starfleet Orbital Shuttle TNG 1×25, The Voyage Home
Starfleet Particle Fountain Project TNG 6×09
Starfleet Photon Torpedo TNG 4×25
Starfleet Provider-class TNG 1×25
Starfleet Relay Station 47 TNG 6×13
Starfleet Remmler Array TNG 6×18
Starfleet Shuttle Drone TNG 1×15/19, 4×05, 6×18
Starfleet Shuttle in Paris TNG 1×24
Starfleet Shuttle SD-103 TNG 6×04, The Undiscovered Country
Starfleet Soliton Wave-Rider TNG 4×01, 5×07, 5×10
Starfleet Sovereign-class, Escape Pod First Contact
Starfleet Starfleet Academy Trainer TNG 5×19
Starfleet The Egg TNG 3×01
Starfleet Tug TNG/DS9
Starfleet Type 11 Shuttle Insurrection
Starfleet Type 15 Shuttle TNG 2×13
Starfleet Type 7 Shuttle TNG 2×01
Starfleet U.S.S. Ahwahnee TNG 4×01
Starfleet U.S.S. Bozeman TNG 5×18
Starfleet U.S.S. Buran TNG 4×01
Starfleet U.S.S. Chekov TNG 4×01
Starfleet U.S.S. Firebrand TNG 4×01
Starfleet U.S.S. Jenolan, Sydney-class TNG 6×04, DS9 7×05
Starfleet U.S.S. Kyushu TNG 4×01
Starfleet U.S.S. Melbourne – BoBW Version TNG 4×01
Starfleet U.S.S. Phoenix, Nebula-variant TNG 4×12
Starfleet U.S.S. Princeton TNG 4×01
Starfleet Utopia Planitia Drydock TNG/VOY
Starfleet Utopia Planitia Station TNG/VOY
Straleb Security Vessel TNG 2×04, 6×14
Talarian Observation Craft TNG 4×04
Talarian Warship TNG 4×04
Tamarian Cruiser TNG 5×02
Tarellian Plague Ship TNG 1×11
Vulcan T’Pau TNG 5×07/08
Vulcan T’Plana-Hath First Contact
Yridian Destroyer / Freighter TNG 6×20, 7×21

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– Deep Space Nine –

Race Name Series / Movies Episodes Picture
Alien Boslic Jaheel’s Freighter DS9 1×05
Alien DS9 Intro Alien Freighter DS9 Intro since 4×01
Alien S.S. Xhosa DS9 4×01/02/22
Alien Tosk’s Ship DS9 1×06
Bajoran Freighter DS9 intro since 4×01
Bajoran Interceptor DS9 2×03
Cardassian Keldon-class DS9 3×09/21
Cardassian Orbital Weapon Platform DS9 6×26, 7×25/26
Cardassian Repair Station DS9 7×22
Cardassian Work Bee DS9 7×22
Dominion Changeling Laas DS9 7×14
Dominion Jem’Hadar Battleship DS9 6×22
Flaxian Assassins DS9 3×20
Karemma Ship DS9 4×07
Klingon Groumall / Klingon Cargo DS9 4×14
Klingon Ty’Gokor DS9 5×01
Romulan Shuttle DS9 6×19
Starfleet Bonaventure C1-21 DS9 1×11/20, 2×05
Starfleet Self-Replicating Wormhole Mine DS9 5×26, 6×04/06
Starfleet Starbase 375 DS9 6×01
Starfleet Type 18 Shuttle DS9 3×01/02
Starfleet U.S.S. Curry DS9 6×01
Starfleet U.S.S. Elkins DS9 6×01
Starfleet U.S.S. Essex DS9 1×11/1×15/1×16 etc.
Starfleet U.S.S. Yeager DS9 9th Fleet Background-ship of the 6th/7th Season
Starfleet Work Bee DS9 intro since 4×01
Wadi Starship DS9 1×10

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– Voyager –

Race Name Series / Movies Episodes Picture
Akritirian Patrol VOY 3×03
Akritirian Space Prison VOY 3×03
Alien Abaddon’s Administration Station VOY 6×05
Alien Alice VOY 6×05
Alien Captain Gar’s Ship VOY 7×05
Alien Captain Proton’s Holographic Rocketship VOY 5×01/12
Alien Caretaker Array VOY 1×01/02
Alien Coaxial Warp Ship VOY 4×20
Alien Daelen’s Ship VOY 4×20
Alien Delta Flyer Impostor VOY 6×21
Alien Delta Shape Ship VOY 6×05
Alien Irina’s Ship VOY 7×03
Alien Kes’ Shuttle VOY 6×23
Alien Night Aliens VOY 5×01
Alien Noss’ Freighter VOY 5×13
Alien Omega Rescue Vessel VOY 4×21
Alien Orbital 1 VOY 6×12
Alien Pralor / Cravic Ship VOY 2×13
Alien Qatai’s Shuttle VOY 5×14
Alien Repto-humanoid Vessel VOY 2×07
Alien Subspace Warhead VOY 7×18
Alien Swarm Ship VOY 3×04
Alien Tash’s Vessel VOY 6×09
Alien The Weird Planet Ship VOY 6×12
Alien Think Tank VOY 5×20
Alien Yost’s Ship VOY 5×13
Ba’Neth Station VOY 6×06
Benthan Patrol VOY 4×20
B’omar Patrol VOY 4×06
Borg Probe VOY 5×15/16
Borg Queen Vessel VOY 5×15/16
Caati Ship VOY 4×15
Cardassian “Dreadnought” Missile VOY 2×17
Cytoplasmic Vessel VOY 5×08
Devore Shuttle VOY 5×10
Devore Warship VOY 5×10
Dinaali Hospital Ship 4-2 VOY 7×05
Drayan Shuttle VOY 2×22
Druoda Warhead VOY 5×25
Etanian Starship VOY 3×19
Hazari Ship VOY 5×20
Hierarchy Assault Vessel VOY 7×23
Hierarchy Survey Ship VOY 7×15
Hirogen Holographic Decoy VOY 7×09/10
Hirogen Holoship VOY 7×09/10
Hirogen Outpost VOY 7×09/10
Hirogen Venatic VOY various
Kazon Carrier VOY various
Kazon Raider VOY various
Kazon Shuttle VOY 2×11
Kobali Ship VOY 6×18
Kobali Shuttle VOY 6×18
Kradin Fighter VOY 4×04
Krenim Patrol VOY 4×08
Krenim Warship VOY 4×08
Ledosian Cargo Ship VOY 7×22
Ledosian Patrol VOY 7×22
Malon Shuttle VOY 5×03
Markonian Outpost VOY 6×02
Mawasi Cruiser VOY 4×09
Mislen Freighter VOY 3×04
Monean Assault Fighter VOY 5×09
Nihydron Warship VOY 4×09
Onquanii Garan Merchant Vessel VOY 5×25
Ord’mirit Mining Vessel VOY 5×18
Qomar Starbase VOY 6×13
Qomar Starships VOY 6×13
Quarren Patrol Ship VOY 7×17
Serosian Vessel VOY 4×05
Sikarian Vessel VOY 1×10
Species 6339 Ship VOY 5×07
Species 6339 Shuttle VOY 5×07
Species 8472 Energy Focusing Ship VOY 3×26, 4×01
Species 8472 Terrasphere 8 VOY 5×04
Srivani Ship VOY 4×07
Starfleet Aeon VOY 3×08
Starfleet Aeroshuttle VOY Ship’s Bottom View
Starfleet Communications Beacon VOY 5×19
Starfleet Delta Flyer Escape Pod VOY 6×20
Starfleet Friendship One VOY 7×21
Starfleet Intrepid-class Escape Pod VOY 4×09
Starfleet Janeway’s Shuttle SC-4 VOY 7×25/26
Starfleet Janeway’s Shuttle SC-4 Armored VOY 7×25/26
Starfleet Midas Array VOY 6×10, 7×06
Starfleet Multispatial Probe VOY 5×03/13/20
Starfleet Type 8 Shuttle VOY various
Starfleet U.S.S. Rhode Island VOY 7×25/26
Starfleet Waverider Shuttle VOY U.S.S. Equinox’s Bottom view, docked
Talaxian Fighter VOY 3×01
Tsunkatse Arena Ship VOY 6×15
Turei Starship VOY 6×07
Vaadwaur Ship VOY 6×07
Varro Generational Ship VOY 5×17
Vidiian Attack Ship VOY 2×21
Vidiian Warship VOY 2×25
Vulcan Shuttle VOY 1×23, 4×07
Wysanti Ship VOY 7×02
Zahl Warship VOY 4×08

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– Enterprise –

Race Name Series / Movies Episodes Picture
Alien Bodysucker ENT 1×03
Alien Delphic Expanse Sphere ENT 3×02/06/12/20/22/24
Alien Fighter ENT 2×08
Alien Fraddock’s Transport Ship ENT 1×11
Alien Kago-Darr’s Shuttle ENT 2×25
Alien Mazarite Warship ENT 1×23
Alien Na’kuhl timeline: Junkers Ju 87 ENT 4×02
Alien Reptilian Aliens Burning Ship ENT 3×02
Alien Sphere Builder Ship ENT 3×18
Alien Tandaran Patrol ENT 1×21
Alien Tellarite Cruiser ENT 4×12/13
Alien Tellarite Shuttle ENT 2×25
Alien Transport ENT 2×21
Alien Tret’s Containment Vessel ENT 3×03
Alien Triannon Vessel ENT 3×12
Alien Valakian Shuttle ENT 1×13
Alien Vissian Starship ENT 2×22
Alien Vissian Stratopod ENT 2×22
Alien Wisps’ Ship ENT 2×18
Alien Xantoran Patrol ENT 2×21
Alien Xyrillian starship ENT 1×05
Alien Zobral’s Private Shuttle ENT 1×24
Arkonian Destroyer ENT 2×13
Axanar Axanar Rescue Vessel ENT 1×03
Axanar Cargo Ship ENT 1×03
Borg Arctic One – Borgified ENT 2×23
Coridan Aircraft ENT 1×15
Denobulan Barzai ENT 4×05
Enolian Patrol ENT 2×17
Enolian Shuttle ENT 1×23, 2×17, 3×08, 4×04
Enolian Transport ENT 2×17
Ferengi Shuttle (22nd C) ENT 1×19
Klingon D5 ENT 2×06
Klingon Goroth’s Starship ENT 2×25
Klingon Klaang’s Scoutship – K’toch-class ENT 1×01/02
Klingon Klingon Transport Vessel ENT 2×19
Kreetassan Starship ENT 1×22
Malurian Shuttle ENT 1×09
Malurian Starship ENT 1×09
Orion Barge ENT 4×17
Orion Interceptor ENT 4×04
Osaarian Marauder ENT 3×02
Pirate Fighter ENT 2×20, VOY 6×01
Retellian Freighter ENT 2×11
Shroomie Ship ENT 1×12
Shroomie Shuttle ENT 1×12
Starfleet Arctic One ENT 2×23
Starfleet E.C.S. Horizon ENT 2×20
Starfleet Inspection Pod ENT 1×01/02
Starfleet Jonathan Archer’s Remote Controlled Model Spaceship ENT 1×01/02, 3×10
Starfleet Jupiter Station ENT 1×10
Starfleet NX-Alpha ENT 2×24
Starfleet NX-Drydock ENT 1×01/02
Starfleet Orpheus Mining Rig/Colony ENT 4×20/21
Starfleet S.S. Conestoga ENT 1×06
Starfleet S.S. Emmette ENT Opening Credits
Starfleet Sarajevo-type ENT 4×02/10
Starfleet Shuttlepod 1 ENT various
Starfleet Stadium Airship ENT 4×03
Starfleet U.S.S. Enterprise XCV-330 ENT 2×24, 4×03, Into Darkness
Starfleet Venture Star X-33 ENT Opening Credits
Starfleet Warp Delta ENT 2×26, 3×08
Suliban Cell Ship ENT various
Suliban Helix ENT 1×01/02
Suliban Long Cell Ship ENT 2×16
Suliban Salvage Ship ENT 2×16
Suliban Shuttle ENT 1×21
Suliban Stealth Ship ENT 1×26
Takret Ship ENT 2×12
Vulcan D’Kyr Support Craft ENT 2×15/16/25, 3×05, 4×08
Vulcan D’Vahl ENT 2×02
Vulcan Survey Ship ENT 2×02
Vulcan Vahklas ENT 1×17
Vulcan XRT-55D ENT 2×16
Xindi Aquatic Escape pod ENT 3×19
Xindi Aquatic Scout Ship ENT 3×18/23
Xindi Arboreal Landing Craft ENT 3×03
Xindi Insectoids Scout Ship ENT 3×17
Xindi Insectoids Shuttle ENT 3×17/18
Xindi Primate Cruiser ENT 3×21
Xindi Primate Degra’s Ship ENT 3×07/13/20/23/24
Xindi Primate Shuttle ENT 3×22
Xindi Reptilians ENT various
Xindi Weapon Cargo Vessel ENT 3×13/18
Xindi Weapon Sphere/Probe ENT 2×26, 3×08/14/23/24

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– nuTrek –

Race Name Series / Movies Episodes Picture
Romulan Narada nuTrek 2009 Movie
Romulan Narada 2.0 nuTrek 2009 Movie
Starfleet Kobayashi Maru nuTrek 2009 Movie
Starfleet Police Hovercruiser IPD-924.88 nuTrek 2009 Movie
Starfleet Starbase 1 nuTrek 2009 Movie
Starfleet U.S.S. Armstrong nuTrek 2009 Movie
Starfleet U.S.S. Mayflower nuTrek 2009 Movie
Starfleet U.S.S. Newton nuTrek 2009 Movie
Vulcan Spock’s Jellyfish nuTrek 2009 Movie

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– Miscellaneous –

Race Name Series / Movies Episodes Picture
Starfleet DS9 (2385) Novel: The Fall
Starfleet Sphinx Workpod Nowhere, just as sketch
Starfleet U.S.S. Aventine Novels
Starfleet U.S.S. Bradford Nowhere, just a physical model
Starfleet U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-F Novels/Magazines/Games
Starfleet U.S.S. Hutzel Nowhere, just a physical model
Starfleet U.S.S. Jupp Nowhere, just a physical model
Starfleet U.S.S. Titan Novels

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